How much is enough…really?

For the record I’m not a big believer in the whole concept of ‘retirement’. Many clients see the idea of future retirement as an unproductive and inactive time…and this doesn’t appeal to them at all. A number of people these days plan to never retire. And if this is you then hats off to you. By all means keep working for the purpose, contribution and social interaction…but at least aim to reach the point where you have built enough wealth that you don’t have to work for the money any more. It’s about having freedom to choose. Creating Financial Freedom is the aim of the game…not retirement.

But how much is enough?…well it depends. It depends on your future lifestyle goals…and it depends on who you ask.

The above video attempts to answer the reality of just ‘How much is enough…Really’.

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How to Master Your Debt – part 1

When did you last review your home or investment property mortgage? Is your interest rate & structure competitive and appropriate? Do you currently have an Interest Only mortgage, and are expecting to easily roll to another Interest Only period when the time comes? What about if you are planning to buy a property, or upgrade your current property, in the next 12 months…do you know your current Borrowing Capacity?

With the lending landscape changing so dramatically in 2018, it’s never been more important to be proactive in reviewing your home and investment property mortgage facilities on a regular basis. It’s also never been more important to have a quality Lending Adviser on your team, rather than dealing directly with the banks. In the video below, I interview Craig Ridley, Director of Lending Advisory within The Practice – Personal Wealth Advisory division. Craig is one of the very best in the business and a wealth of knowledge in the lending advisory space. For anyone with a home mortgage or investment property loan, please take the time to watch this video, as Mastering Your Debt is one of the key steps on your path towards creating future Financial Freedom.

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How to Protect Your Greatest Asset

What’s your Greatest Asset?…No it’s not your house, your superannuation, or even your vintage car collection (if you happen to have one). Your Greatest Asset will fuel everything else on your journey of building towards future Financial Freedom. Without it, achieving Financial Freedom is virtually impossible. This video covers what your Greatest Asset really is, and how you can best protect it.

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The path towards Financial Freedom

For those of you wanting to build wealth and create Financial Freedom, are you actually committed to making this happen…or are you in fact merely hallucinating? I’ve just recorded this short video which maps the quest we all must make on our path towards Financial Freedom.

Provided you get some value from this, feel free to share with anyone else you think might benefit from these ideas.

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