Pillar #3 of The 3 Pillars of Financial Freedom

In the last video, we covered Pillar #2 of The 3 Pillars of Financial Freedom. We unpacked 3 important steps people need to master to build longer term wealth.

However, there’s not much point building longer term wealth if your whole strategy is a ‘house of cards’.

In this week’s video we’ll explore Pillar #3 – Protect. We’ll cover the 3 main ways to protect yourself and your family as you build towards Financial Freedom.

Without Pillar 3 it’s like building a house on soft foundations, using cheap material, and with dodgy workmanship.

It would be like trying to climb Everest without safety ropes, an oxygen tank, or a climbing party of Sherpa’s.

Pillar #3 is all about expecting set backs, and being prepared for them when they come along. Remember it’s not “if”, but “when”.

It’s about making sure that your “financial house” stands strong in the bad weather, as well as the good. And it’s about making sure that your “financial house” is protected far beyond your time here.

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Pillar #2 of The 3 Pillars of Financial Freedom

Pillar #1 of ‘The 3 Pillars of Financial Freedom’ was like an architect drawing up plans for a house. It was about creating a ‘Vision’ of what the house looks like, evaluating and choosing the ‘Position’ to build on – then ‘Developing’ the plans in detail.

Pillar #2 is about turning those plans into reality by Building, one brick at a time, until your “financial house” is built.

Without Pillar #2 it’s like our Mountaineer client preparing to conquer Everest, but not actually setting out on the journey.

There’s not much point doing all the training, buying the best equipment, and studying the terrain – and not commencing the quest.

In this week’s video we’ll unpack what’s involved in Pillar #2 – The Grow Pillar. We’ll cover the 3 important steps you need to have in place to sustainably build wealth.


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